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Factory Name:   Cangzhou Shengxing metal Factory
Year of Establishment:  2000          Quality System:  ISO9001           Capacity:  2000tons/year
Material:   aluminum, zinc.
Main Products:   auto motor parts and auto gear box parts.

Main Equipments

Equipment Name Quantity desciribe
die casting machine 11 300-3400 Ton
CNA center & lathe 30 0.01mm pricision
secondary operation heat treatment, shot blasting and other facilities 20 some of them are import production

Equipment photos

China Casting China Casting China Casting
  Die casting machine 34000 KN       16000 KN           13500KN
China Casting China Casting China Casting
  Die casting machine 13500 KN      shot blasting        CNC machining center
China Casting
   Die casting workshop

Die casting producion

China CastingChina CastingChina CastingChina Casting
China CastingChina CastingChina Casting

Die casting production for Auto Motor parts and Auto gear box parts


   Contact Us:
Zhangguantun,Cangxian Town, Hebei Province.
Please email us at or send us an .
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